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Sunsation Eyewear is located on Kings Highway Between 4th and 5th Street

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Bringing Professional Eyecare and Eyewear to Your School or Organization

New York City

Student Vision Preservation Program


Why Choose Our Program...

  • Latest Hi-Tech equipment in eye care to check for ocular diseases.
  • Designer Eyeglasses for qualified students.
  • Program is sponsored by the Affordable Care Act.
  • Dr. Ezra Cohen has been providing pediatric eye care and treatment for eye disease for over 35 years experience.

Avoid Visual Screenings...

  • Visual screenings may be unequipped or inadequate to evaluate for prescription eyeglasses and eye health evaluation.
  • Often just an eye chart is used for evaluations, and children are rushed through screenings.
  • Allied healthcare individuals are unfortunately missing almost 70 percent of the eyecare cases.
  • Even if a child is recommended to see an eye doctor after the visual screening, only 1 in 5 do so. 73% chance your child will continue struggling with a visual problem that goes untreated.

Why Should I Have My Child ’s Eyes Examined?

Did you know…

Visual Learning

An estimated 75 to 90 percent of all learning is Visual. Nearly all tasks a child is asked to perform in the classroom depend on good visual skills. Visual Skills are not only how well a child can see the Eye Chart, they include tracking, focusing, and good depth perception.

Lazy Eye

Amblyopia (Lazy Eye) is the most common cause of vision problems in children and young adults. It’s estimated to be the leading cause of vision loss in children, affecting almost 500,000 preschoolers annually

Vision Screenings

73% of children with eye problems will pass a routine vision screening by a school nurse or pediatrician but will fail an eye exam by an eye doctor. In a comprehensive eye exam, you identify a problem and take care of it.

When you screen someone, it gives them the false sense they had an eye exam when they didn’t.
Dr. Powell President of American Optometric Association

Recent data shows that in the U.S. only 7% of children beginning first-grade report having received an eye exam. Research shows that children with Individualized Education Plans (IEPs), in the range of 6-16 years, and juvenile offenders, have high rates of undiagnosed and untreated eye problems including hyperopia (farsightedness) affecting reading speed and comprehension.

The National Eye Institute estimated the economic cost of visual disorders and disabilities at $68 billion.

Eye on Education features
On-Site Eye Vision Testing to your New York City Public, Parochial, Private, & Charter Schools.

Dr. Ezra Cohen provides each child:

Complete comprehensive examination including dilation and the choice of designer eyewear for qualified students.

Dr. Cohen & his staff are highly experienced at providing eye health care.

We carry the latest in digital eye care technology

Evaluation of Motor Skills

Contact Dr. Cohen To Coordinate A Session at Your Child’s School

Program Requirements

No Cost to the School or Parent for eye examination and eyeglasses. These services are covered by the student’s health insurance.

Every child has a dilated eye examination. This helps our eye doctors rule out serious conditions such as glaucoma, cataracts, or tumors.

Written communication with parents regarding their child’s eye examination results. A patient service hotline will be able to the parents.

Extensive selection of eyeglasses for qualified students.

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President Obama Healthcare Reform
Affordable Care Act of 2014 lists 10 essential health benefits for all people across the United States.#10 Benefit: “Pediatric services: This includes Dental Care and Vision Care for kids”
According to the AOA’s 2015 American Eye Q survey, 54 % of adults are not aware that insurance plans now cover Children’s Eye Exams as part of the Affordable Care Act!

What’s So Special About Our EyeCare?

  • Comprehensive Eye Health Evaluation
  • Diagnosis of Muscle & Lazy Eyes
  • Free Eyeglasses to Qualified Students
  • Written Report of Findings to Parents
  • Referral database for specialized care
  • On-Site Evaluation saves parents precious time

Our Analysis:

  • 70% of the children have never had an Eye Exam!
  • 20-25% of the students required Eyeglasses!
  • 1% required specialized treatment

Our Eyecare Team efforts have resulted in significant improvement in learning and growth.

Pictures & Video

Dr. Ezra Cohen Evaluates Eye Health
Dr. Haim Cohen Checks Rx

Why are kids’ eye exams so important?

It is extremely important that children receive attention regarding their eyesight from a very early age to be sure that everything is developing correctly and to diagnose and treat any problems before they worsen or lead to more serious complications.

Two such conditions are Strabismus and Amblyopia.

In Strabismus the eyes are not aligned together, with one eye looking straight while the other may look inward, outward, up or down. Amblyopia, sometimes known as lazy eye is a condition in which a person has very poor sight in one eye because that eye did not develop healthy sight during the person’s development.

Feel free to call us at 718-946-5060 for further information


Early eye exams also are important because children need the following basic visual skills for learning:

  • Near vision
  • Distance vision
  • Eye teaming (binocularity) skills
  • Eye movement skills
  • Focusing skills
  • Peripheral awareness
  • Eye/hand coordination

Only through a comprehensive eye exam can many eye conditions that can cause difficulties later in life be easily detected and treated in childhood if parents are cautious to have eye exams early and often for their children.

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Our Founders


Dr. Ezra M. Cohen O.D.

Dr. Ezra Cohen graduated from Brooklyn College in 1976 with a degree in Economics. He continued on to Illinois College of Optometry to obtain his doctorate in optometric medicine. He has performed clinical internships in pediatric vision therapy, low vision, and ocular disease. Dr. Cohen manages pre and post operative eyecare including laser vision correction.
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Dr. Haim V. Cohen, O.D.

Dr. Haim Cohen graduated from Brooklyn College in 2006. He continued his training at Pennsylvania College of Optometry and obtained his degree of optometric medicine in 2012. Dr. Cohen has had extensive training in pediatric vision including clinical externships in ocular disease at the prestigious Omni Eye Physicians, Brooklyn Veteran Affairs Hospital & Feinbloom Low Vision Clinic. Dr. Cohen has been in private practice in Howell,New Jersey since 2012.
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Ateret Torah Girls School: Mrs. Adele Harari-Raful, Principal
Phone: 718-375-71002

PS 225: Anita Mejias, Parent Coordinator
Phone: 718-648-02093

Crown Heights Yeshivah: Rabbi Refael Farhi, Principal
Phone: 718-444-5800


  • Public School 225
  • Ateret Torah Girls School
  • Ateret Torah Boys School
  • Ahi Ezer Yeshivah
  • Shaare Hayosher School
  • Zion Daycare-Headstart Program
  • Kindervelt School-Head Start Program
  • Crown Heights Yeshivah
  • Shaare Torah Girls School
  • Shaare Torah Boys School
  • Yeshivat Mekor Chaim
  • Yeshivat Lev Torah