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Our eye care center in Brooklyn offers a full range of eye health services to clients of all ages, from children to older adults: routine eye exams and vision tests, eye disease diagnosis and management…

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We provide top notch eye care services for your family in Brooklyn, NY

We look forward to caring for your eyes and vision at Sunsation Eyewear, in Brooklyn, New York. Our team of highly qualified optometrists will provide your whole family with all that you require for top ocular health and sharp vision. With warm and welcoming service, Dr. Ezra Cohen and Dr. Haim Cohen will examine your eyes and perform visual screening tests. If you need vision correction or help with eye disease management, we are here for you. Serving the south-central Brooklyn, NY, area for more than 35 years, we are located conveniently to satisfy all of your eyesight needs.

Visit us in Brooklyn, NY for all your eyeglasses and contact lense needs!

Our office is furnished with advanced technology to ensure accurate diagnoses and the latest treatments. Dr. Cohen & Dr. Cohen will inspect your eyes completely, checking for any signs of common eye conditions or disease. If you’re interested in laser surgery, we provide co-management for LASIK and other refractive procedures. If you want to try out contact lenses, we offer expert contact lens fittings and follow-up. If you suffer from discomfort caused by Dry Eye Syndrome or Computer Vision Syndrome, we are up-to-date on the current remedies to help alleviate your irritating symptoms. These are just some of the services that we are proud to give our patients.

The health of your eyes is integral to your quality of life, and we are devoted to provide quality care for your long-term eye health and vision. New patients and returning patients are always welcome in our Sunsation Eyewear clinic in Brooklyn, NY – please call for an appointment!

Our Eye Care Services:

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  • Thumbnail contacts astig
    Serious athletes can benefit from ortho-k, which eliminates the need to wear eyeglasses or contact lenses while you are awake and on the sports field. Your vision will be crystal-clear with unrestricted peripheral vision – giving you a better grasp of everything going on around you. This is especially important for sports such as baseball and basketball.
  • Thumbnail contacts 3
    Much more than just a split lens with regions for nearsighted and farsighted vision, these specialized contacts can be altered and customized to upgrade your performance. They may also help with your child’s myopia.
  • Thumbnail Kids
    Myopia, generally known as nearsightedness, refers to a difficulty viewing objects clearly when they are far away. Although there is no absolute cure for myopia, we offer a number of treatments that work to slow its progression in kids. For more information, contact us in our Brooklyn, NY, office.
  • Senior Patient Receiving Eye Exam
    Routine and complete eye assessments are recommended for everyone. Our optometrists will test for visual acuity and examine the health of your eyes. Using a variety of procedures and equipment, we will inspect for any signs of eye disease. We treat each patient as an individual, examining your eyes with consideration for any special health conditions.
  • Little girl checking her vision in doctors office
    Due to the strong connection between eyesight and learning, it is critical to detect any pediatric vision conditions early on. Help your child succeed in school by scheduling regular pediatric eye examinations. With a caring manner, Dr. Cohen and Dr. Cohen are experienced at performing these evaluations.
  • thumbnail advanced tech
    It’s extremely important to stay up-to-date with treatment for your eye disease. Whether you’ve been diagnosed with macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, cataracts, glaucoma or another ocular disease, we will help care for your eyes to prevent future vision loss.
  • Thumbnail EyeDisease
    If you have diabetes or think you might, even if you aren't having any symptoms of vision loss, be sure to come in for a thorough, dilated eye exam every year.
  • Senior Patient Receiving Eye Exam
    We equip our Brooklyn, NY, office with the latest equipment and diagnostic tools. Medical advances move rapidly, and we are committed to ensuring that you receive the most advanced, contemporary care for your eyes.
  • Thumbnail Emerg.jpg
    Did you know your optometrist can help you with red eyes, pink eye, sore eyes, foreign body removal and eye emergencies?
  • thumbnail lipiflow
    If you’re interested in laser surgery for vision correction, we’ll meet with you to determine whether you are a good candidate for LASIK or other refractive procedures. Our optometrists, Dr. Cohen and Dr. Cohen, provide full pre-op and post-op services for these eye surgeries.
  • Thumbnail latisse
    This condition causes irritated eyes and puts you at a higher risk for corneal inflammation or infection. Caused by a lack of adequate moisture on your eyes’ surface, we will diagnose your condition and offer effective remedies or treatment.
  • Woman Putting in Contact
    Ortho-k works to reshape your cornea while you sleep. Special rigid, gas-permeable (GP) lenses are worn overnight to correct some cases of astigmatism and nearsightedness.
  • thumbnail infantsee
    A one-time service that is provided free of charge for everyone (regardless of income), InfantSEE screening is performed on babies who are between 6 and 12 months old. This testing can detect vision and eye health problems very early on, so that treatment can be done before any vision-related learning problems or developmental delays occur.
  • Thumbnail contacts 4
    Do you want to enhance your natural beauty with lush and long eyelashes? Latisse ™  eye drops are FDA approved and will help you change your dream appearance into a reality!
  • Low Vision 325×217
    When functional eyesight is reduced and cannot be corrected fully with surgery, eyeglasses or contact lenses, it is called “Low Vision.” At our Brooklyn, NY, office, Dr. Cohen will help you maximize your remaining sight with a variety of strategies and customized devices.
  • Thumbnail prescription 2
    Our optometrists will examine your eyes to diagnose astigmatism and determine the most appropriate vision correction for your needs. An alternative option may be surgery.
  • Grandmother Reading Book To Grandchildren Outdoors
    A typical vision condition that occurs with aging, presbyopia refers to the need to move small print farther away from your face in order to see it clearly. We’ll assess your eyesight and fit you with the best prescription lenses to help you read comfortably again!
  • thumbnail childs ortho k 2
    The bulk of classroom education is communicated with the help of visual tools. Learning is therefore more challenging and compromised in kids who cannot see well. If your child is diagnosed with a vision-related learning problem, please consult with us at Sunsation Eyewear to determine the best course of vision therapy or treatment.
  • Thumbnail specialty
    Do you play sports that involve balls flying towards you or other players bumping into you? Or maybe you prefer recreational activities such as fishing or hunting? No matter your hobby or interest, we offer a full range of eyewear to protect your delicate eyes. Specialized lenses will also upgrade your performance, with custom tints and no-glare features.

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