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Soft Bifocal Contact Lenses

woman removing contact4Dr. Ezra Cohen is happy to offer soft bifocal contacts for our patients!

Bifocal contacts lenses have two powers – one for seeing clearly at a distance and one for seeing clearly up close. Soft bifocals are great for adults because they perform well for near and far distance. However, for children with myopia, multi-focals slow and even stop the progression of myopia. The person doesn’t get more nearsighted with these lenses and they don’t feel the difference in their vision. They are suitable for children as young as 8 years old, especially for those for whom a rigid lens is difficult.

Plus, bifocal contact lenses come in various forms to best suit your visual needs. For example, contact lenses can come in concentric, aspheric, and translating designs. Concentric contains the distance prescription is in the center and is surrounded by rings of near and far power, but near-center versions also are available. Aspheric presents the near and distance prescriptions in front of the pupil. Translating design or the split version uses the near power on the bottom. The bottom edge is flattened to keep the lens from rotating on your eye when you blink.

Which version you ought to use is best determined by a professional eye doctor like Dr. Cohen.

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